Someting creative

I want to do someting creative, like draw a picture or paint a painting or write a story. There is nothing in my life that I do that is creative, that lets me use my imagination. I never make something from nothing.
Every few years, I go out, buy books with titles like; “How To Draw”. I buy sketch pads and pencils. Then I try to draw for several weeks or a month or so, then give up in frustration. But the urge to “do something creative” goes away for a while, but always comes back. I don’t think that drawing is my particular thing, but I feel like there must be something that I’m supposed to be doing.

This morning the sky is very clear, there’s some clouds but in between them the stars are bright an I can see the details of the almost-full moon like I’m wearing my glasses but I’m not. There’s a nice breeze and it looks like a great day!

0 thoughts on “Someting creative

  1. Sounds like a beautiful morning. I have an Assoc Degree in art and I have used the book Drawing on the Left Side of the Brain. It teaches you to draw the shapes of say a face rather than draw what you “know” as the face. I’m sure you can find the book on Amazon. It may make drawing a little less frustrating. Is there an art association in your area? Maybe you could take a class. What about photography? Your pics are quite good and very creative. I would die if I didn’t have a creative outlet.

  2. Once I was on a pottery kick and my husband bought me a kiln. It is still sitting in the garage and has never been fired up.Maybe you are thinking too hard about being creative. Relax.

  3. I am certainly lacking in the creative department too. And desperately wish I was not…I love to scrapbook and I often get “scrapbookers” block all the time…it’s so frustrating cause I feel like I should be good at it.

  4. Beautiful morning — i hope it stays that way but with Wilma approaching it may change. be careful and stay safe…. as for being creative – i go through those spurts too – my creativeness comes out in my scrapbooks or in floral design — boring to you i’m sure but it’s what i do when i want to be creative. you should find something that you can pick up and put down at your leisure so it doesn’t consume your time but allows you to have that creative outlet when you need it. i’ll quit rambling now… 🙂 hope you’re having a great day.

  5. Sometimes creativity is miss defined. It is not the ability to be a good arts but the desire to express yourself artistically. Try other things. I found toll painting to be my creative art. I use various woods to copy pictures on and then I paint by numbers only I give it my own twist. Try something like that. Your blog is very creative by the way.

  6. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my place…I thought I’d come by to say HI, It’s been fun checking out your blog! I’ll be back again!Any OMG the caymen islands…. I so want to be there right now!

  7. I disagree Mark. You ARE creative and DO have a creative outlet. Are you forgetting your fabulous pictures? That is art my friend. In fact it is very good art! Your camera is your canvas and we love your art. In fact we would like to see more.

  8. I agree with Daisy. I’ve started to do webdesign as side projects. It’s sort of like building something from nothing as all the images and coding I’ve done from scratch. I can’t show you until I’m done though. Point is that whatever you choose to do, it has to be something you can teach yourself, because that means you find it interesting and challenging enough. I’ve never taken a computing or web design course in my life, but it’s become a sort of obsession now.

  9. You say, “I want to do someting creative”.Hell, I think that writing every day is pretty creative, even if it is just reporting what goes on in your life.And Daisy and Beck are right, your photographs are good, and creative.Thanks for the comment, by the way.

  10. I must agree with Daisy, Beck, & Tom. You’re pics are absolutely great, and the writing is a great outlet for your creativity as well. I am dying to feed my creative urges more (keep trying to figure out how I can make my career out of being creative)… My problem is that my mind tends to be so bombarded with ideas, I hardly manage to focus on one long enough to actually *do* it! Keep up the creative stuff you’re already doing… And let us know if you end up finding other creative outlets you enjoy. 🙂

  11. sometimes i also get that feeling and that’s normaly when I write or listen to songs and sing along… not actually creative but kills a little the urgue:P