Flashback Friday: First Time Driving


The first car I ever drove was a 1973 AMC Gremlin. It was a snowy Missouri day and my friend Doug and I were out cruising around. We were way back on a dirt road, snowy and icy when he decided to let me drive.



He said, “don’t use the brakes, you’ll skid if you use the brakes”.

So. I started driving, got going to a pretty good speed, then took my foot off the gas to slow down for a curve. Since it was a dirt road, the turn was really banked. As per instruction, I didn’t use the brakes

Well, I hit that curve pretty fast, and didn’t make the turn. I ended up airborne and landed in this snow filled cornfield. You could see where all four tires left the ground in the snow.

It didn’t hurt the car, because aeronautical race car driving is in my genes.  We reversed out and headed on our way. Doug driving.

And that was the first time I ever drove a car. Another thing I remember, worth mentioning, is the first time I drove solo, after I got my license. But that was uneventful.


6 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: First Time Driving

  1. I can count on my one hand with no fingers left over all the times I have been air born. My daughter will attest to that. That first picture brought back a few memories…some I don’t care to think about. No people were harmed during my air born acts, thank goodness.

  2. i was going down a steep steep hill in Portland with both my sons at about 3-4…it was very icy and slick and I spun around about 6 times and came to a stop right at the stop sign, my kids thought i did it on purpose and begged for me to ‘do it again ..do it again.’

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