Weird Blog Day Yesterday

Yesterday was as a weird day for my blog. I posted in the morning, as usual, but an hour later the post was gone. So I posted another post, containing the information from the first post, and a little blurb about the post disappearing. Later in the afternoon, the second post disappeared and the first reappeared. I have no doubt that someone, somewhere, switched to a backup server, then switched back to the original.

Thursday! Tomorrow is Friday!

Today I;m getting some maintenance done on my scooter. So I guess I’m going in early to drop it off.

Not much of a post today.

4 thoughts on “Weird Blog Day Yesterday

  1. Mark, I posted a Saturday treat on my blog on Thursday because I always am running behind real time. I upload my posts only from US ports where I have enough bandwidth for all of those pictures. AND, if you look out in the harbor today (Thursday, 4/4), you’ll see Freedom of the Seas out here on global dynamic positioning (most people call it “at anchor”, but we are high tech.) It was pretty overcast when we came in, but looks pretty nice out there now. We rarely come ashore here because My Honey is busy on board and today I’m working on my Continuing Professional Education to renew my CPA license. I am not able to write to you directly because you have “no reply blogger” as you email address when you post comments.

  2. I feel bad that I can’t check out everyone’s blogs every day like I used to..Abby is very demanding..she’s no longer sleeping 2-3 hour they are 10-15 minute naps..if I’m lucky…

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