Flashback Friday: The Baby Snake

snake_590This makes me sad. I wish I could un-do it.

Years ago, I was walking on the beach and I found a brand new looking, plastic mouse cage. It was about twice as big as your grade school milk carton, Clear plastic with a fluorescent pink lid with bars. I thought WTF? and picked up and took it home.

Later that day, I was getting some dirt for a plant from a pile of dirt at the apartment and found a baby black snake. He was the size of a worm. The cage was perfect for him.

I had him in the cage for an hour or so, and decided he deserved to be free, so I let him go back where I found him. The cage rotted in the sun and I ended up throwing it away.

Two or three or four years later, I found a big blacksnake under my welcome mat. I killed it.

After I killed it, it occurred to me, “Maybe that was the same baby snake I found years ago” And as soon as I thought it, I knew it was true.

And I immediately regretted killing that snake and I still wish I hadn’t killed that snake. Why did I find that snake and that cage on the same day? I feel I definitely strayed from my path either the day I found the snake, or the day I killed the snake. Or both.

5 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: The Baby Snake

  1. I know how you feel..yesterday while working with my plants I stepped on what I thought was a bug..and then realized it was a lady bug..I was so upset..shouldn’t have killed just a bug any how..sigh*

  2. Wow that is deep today. Maybe somethings were never to be. Have a fabulous traffic free Friday. Still can’t get over your rush hour traffic.
    Best wishes Molly

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