Adjustment Attempt

I’m going to try to make some adjustments at work. My normal hours are 8:30 till 5. This sucks because of traffic. Even on the scooter, it’s stressful, all the traffic. Sitting still, me, riding around the lines of traffic.. You know, in the car, scooters pass all the time. On the scooter, you hardly ever see another scooter, because we keep moving. You see them going the other way, but you don’t pass them often and they don’t pass you. Here’s a two and a half minute video of me passing traffic on the way in. This is torture for me if I am in the car.

[jwplayer mediaid=”9519″]ride in

So, getting back on track, I am going to ask if I can work from 7:30 to 4. Yesterday I went in at 8 and the traffic was still pretty bad, and the boss had no problem letting me go at 4:30. He said if I want to adjust my regular working hours, just request in writing. So that’s what I’ll do. I was going to wait till I finish my probationary period, it two weeks, but my boss seemed pretty agreeable to it.

Last night it got really windy and cloudy. The wind is blowing hard from the north. But it’s not too cold. I still can’t find a decent source for Cayman Weather, but I think I’m going to drive the car today.

Still having problems with my spam protection, causing me to moderate each comment. The problem is there is an authorization code that I can’t make “stick” in my settings page. I keep changing it and it keeps switching back to the old one.

And that’s it. Have a good day!

8 thoughts on “Adjustment Attempt

  1. Hi, yes, I know that traffic! We walk the short distance from the tender dock to Casanova’s Restaurant and it could be deadly if we aren’t careful. : Yes, we’ll be there every other week soon aboard Freedom of the Seas, but we don’t go ashore very often. We’re on board for ten weeks/off ten weeks. We are just finishing vacation at home now. Although I will post every day, my blog will lag a few days while we are on board because I take pictures and write every day, but only upload via my Verizon air card when we are in US ports. The ship’s satellite connection is waaaay too slow.

    Regarding weather for the Cayman Islands, I used to have it and all Freedom ports programmed into my Yahoo page, but it is no longer available there. No clue why….

    Thanks again for your kind comments on my blog.

    All the best,

  2. Errh do you live in the Cayman Islands or is it the Crazyman Islands? What is it with the traffic? We don’t even have that in London. Must be every man and his dog drives at rush hour. Suppose it is the same on the way home? Well I never, who would believe it? Barking. Hope you get your hours changed. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Holy cow that looks kinda scary! So is it just accepted scooters can go wherever they want and don’t have to obey the traffic laws?

    And why are all those people driving on the wrong side of the road?!?! 🙂

  4. we used to have flex hours at a job i had. made all the difference in the world for quality of life w/ a terrible commute into the city.

  5. I am amazed that a cop doesn’t pull you over for driving on the wrong side of the road…even if it is with a scooter. You do know that if it were me, cops would be pulling my ass over, confiscating the scooter and throwing me in the lock up right?

  6. It’s not really driving on the wrong side of the road, I’m overtaking stopped cars.
    In the USA, I supposed I would be required by law to sit there stupidly in traffic, contributing to the congestion.

  7. I had no idea you got so much traffic on your Island! I don’t know why I thought it was different… and I also thought you would be driving on the other side of the road like the USA! I am glad you have a scooter!

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