Last night my water heater cracked and water flowed all over the floor, under the wall and flooded my neighbors apartment and mine. All my towels were reduced to rags, trying to sop up rust chunks and tea-colored water… Gross! But the plumber came very fast and replaced the water heater. Kudos to the plumber and my landlady. Oh yeah, my dog, the killing machine, bit the plumber on the heel.

The broken water heater is why I missed last nights Astronomical Society Meeting.

Today is my split shift day. I’ll be looking forward to a long beach lunch hour and maybe a nap. I’m definitely still a little sick from this cold or whatever it is.

Yesterday back to work wasn’t as bad as I expected. I had a lot of little things to fix from just about everyone who saw me. It’s nice to feel needed and useful.

Above is a picture of a Queen Angelfish. I’m still trying to get the perfect picture of one.

0 thoughts on “Flooding!

  1. Yuck, sorry to hear about the water heater, but what did the plumber do to make Ditto bite him? And what isn’t perfect about the photo?? BTW it’s pretty :o)

  2. I hate the hot water heater…it doesn’t even give you fair warning when it’s about to burst. I’m sure the plumber deserved the bite from Ditto. Maybe you’ll realize that after you get his bill.

  3. That picture looks great, but I understand what you mean about getting the perfect shot. No matter how many you take, you always think, “I know I can get a better one than that!” That’s how I am with seashells. I walk the beach looking for the perfect one. Always getting farther away from my starting point, knowing I should turn around and go back, but the voice inside says when you turn around, you will miss that perfect shell that is just up ahead. I guess that applies to alot of us…Glad to hear you are so needed, and I hope you are back in tip-top shape soon!Have a Happy!