Nice Morning

June First. Hurricane Season, Day one.
So far, so good!
I walked the dawg this morning and it was so nice outside I stayed out there for a while and drank some coffee.
Nice and quiet.
New neighbors’ll probably start moving in today. They’ll probably have a monster stereo and I’ll be coming home to a nervous dog every day.
I opened my mouth to a work blabbermouth and blabbed about someone else, I’ll probably catch flak about that today, or I’ll hear wildly exaggerated versions of what I said. Or I won’t, and that’ll be worse.
I try to get order, serenity and happiness in my life, and when I get it I screw it up by worrying I’ll loose it, or I just go ahead and screw it up myself.

Sometimes I have to laugh at myself.

0 thoughts on “Nice Morning

  1. The media has me a nervous wreck about hurricane season. They’re even saying one can hit up in the mid-atlantic states. Not that that’s never happened before. Office gossip, don’t miss it one bit. I think if I have my choice, I’d rather be the one being talked about. That way, they’re leaving some other sap alone.

  2. I heard yesterday that all hurricanes this season have been directed to the northeast portion of the U.S.That sounds okay to me. ;)Sorry if you live in that part of the country.