For My Birthday A NEW CAR!!!

Just kiddin’
but they want to replace the transmission for $2200 and I probably won’t have it done. I saw a 4Runner for sale on the way to work, I called and they want ten grand for it. 1997. hmmmm
I have a rental car now. A teeny tiny P.O.S.
What I’m thinking is “simplify your life, just ride your bicycle, be one with nature”. Then I think“Ya right! be for real, How’re you going to carry around a rebreather and sidemounts and scuba gear? on your bicycle?” (I talk to myself like this all the time). Next I say say to myself, I say “you just need your basic no frills transportation.”

Something like this maybe:

What do you think? Just a ‘lil pickup truck like this?!??!!

Actually, there’s a remote possibility I can get a transmission out of a junked one that has been sitting for a long time. I sure don’t want to spend any of my savings buying a new car.
Time will tell!! Soon!

0 thoughts on “For My Birthday A NEW CAR!!!

  1. That’s a really cool pickup truck. I’d ask where would you park a truck like that, but I think I know the answer – Anywhere you want! Good luck with the new car. I hope something really good happens for you and you get exactly what you want and need.

  2. The gas station in my town in Alaska had a truck like this, except for the color.Simplify? It does make life easier. However, you will never be able to haul your diving gear around on a bike, but then again, if you wear the rebreather while you are riding…

  3. Happy birthday! That’s just what you need for your birthday, a big truck! I saw your messed up post yesterday. I was going to email you the solution but then I saw that you had corrected it. The solution is Putdiv { clear: none !important; }under the style heading in your template.Sorry, I can’t take the credir for coming up with that solution but it is brillant and had worked for all of us that have had that problem.

  4. I don’t understand why transmissions have to be so expensive. Getting one from a junker might be a good idea. It is more fun to buy a car when you want to, not when you are forced to. Good luck on whatever you decide.

  5. Once, when we were buying our house, our car’s transmission decided to die. Because of the huge expense of the house, we opted to get the transmission replaced–and right after that the gas crisis came along. The car was a huge gas guzzler. So we eventually wound up replacing it anyway with a car that got much better gas mileage.