Red Sky at Morning

Woke up this morning, took the dog out and was surprised by the red sky. It had rained and there were a few tall red smokestack clouds against a blue blue sky.
Red sky at morning, sailor take warning, red sky at night, sailors delight.
Last night I spent a lot of time working on a post, it came out really well. It was completely finished and posted but I went to make some minor changes and got that stupid non specific warning about cannot publish post. I then selected ignore errors but the post was messing up the whole blog, so I deleted it.
I decided I’ll hitchhike to work. Last time I got picked up by a girl named Carol and we had a pretty good conversation. As usual, I got out of her car without asking for her number, and have been kicking myself in the ass for it ever since. Maybe she’ll pick me up again. She had a very nice toenail paint job.
7-11, that’s what the date thing says on my watch. That’s my birthday. Whoo-pee! Hopefully nobody I see today knows and I can make it through the day without being hassled.
I feel kind of aggressive today. I hope everyone justs leaves me alone.
I want to go diving.

0 thoughts on “Red Sky at Morning

  1. Happy Birthday, Sunshine!!!!Have a very special day and watch out for those “Carols”…they’re trouble, I tell ya!Feel whatever way you want today (altho I do find…cheerful makes the day more fun! But what do I know!)………………Big hug for ya!from one crab to anotha! 😉

  2. Happy happy birthday baby. I hope everyone knows it’s your birhtday and that you get lots of hugs. If not, then I send a hug to you and a bigh smooch on the cheek.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!And you actually notice a girl’s painted toenails? I’m impressed! *lol*