Freakin Week Is Almost Over

Some blogger mentioned hump day yesterday, I had no idea. I thought every day this week was like… Monday. Now it’s Thursday. The week flew by. Still no luck with the satellite dish. I found that the receiver manufacturer has the wrong information in the installation sheet, like the frequency. They have a frequency listed that does not exist on any satellite. THAT would make it hard to find a signal, soooo I’m off early to try it again…..
Third Time’s the Charm? Don’t bet on it!

2 thoughts on “Freakin Week Is Almost Over

  1. I don't doubt that they gave you the wrong numbers…bunch of idiots. Did they give you the correct frequency?? hope so. Can you do it by trial and error? The wife could scream out the door if you got it!!??! Probably be faster…hope it gets corected soon…debbie

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