Glad It’s Friday

It’s been a rough week.

Some Cayman Beach pictures for you.

Kayaks for rent

Yacht named Luna

This is not a beach pic, but we haven’t seen Headphones the Rooster since we got back from Costa Rica. Hope he shows up again.

8 thoughts on “Glad It’s Friday

  1. That pure white cat with the black tail has a future in movies calling. And I just KNOW there has to be a story behind the rooster's name – c'mon, spill!

  2. I have never seen a white cat with a dark tail like that. Is it her/his tail? I do hope Headphone shows up. Don't know if I would rather kayak or sail away on a yacht. Never did either. But, I do like the pink kayak.

  3. With zillions of comments, I hope you don't mind one more. I reposted your bad word verification pics–with a link back and acknowledgement of your hard work. I'm going crazy with WV lately and needed some examples to show people just what a pain it is to read. Hope you don't mind and a big thanks for such great examples.

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