Friday Night

I got my cast off this morning. My ankle/foot isn’t broken, just sprained. It was all black and blue and swollen when the doctor took the cast and bandage off. It looked much worse than I expected. I’m supposed to stay on crutches and I have physical therapy on Monday. I got a sick pass for another week off work. I was already committed to work today, so I went. I was walking on my foot, it was hot and numb. I feel kind of taken advantage of. The problem with crutches isn’t so much the loss of a leg, it’s the loss of both hands.
But the doctor said I can go in the sea, so that’s where I’ll be tomorrow . . . after work.

0 thoughts on “Friday Night

  1. That’s good news Mark. I know how good the water feels after you’ve been told to stay out of it,lol!