Well, they turned it off.

Apparently, a “real person” from blogger visited my blog and turned off my word verification harassment. Too bad they didn’t leave a comment. In the previous post comments, Rose recommended WordPress, I actually had already started one here. Take a look. I haven’t figured everything out there yet, but I will probably switch eventually. As long I’ve had this blog, I’ve heard the “veterans” say Blogger isn’t as good as others, and blogger is unprofessional and not always that competent. I gave them a chance, and had problems, AND I have always been much more than a little humuorously amused with their ridiculous word verification. But their last stunt was harassment, pure and simple, as it was designed to be.

Stand by for an “I’ve moved” sign

0 thoughts on “Well, they turned it off.

  1. I hate figurin’ out new stuff, so I’ll probably stay as long as Blogger doesn’t get any worse. Will keep an eye out for you knew home though.

  2. TypePad is good too, I hear. I’m to cheap to pay for a service though so I’m sticking with Blogger.

  3. Hmmm…. I looked into wordpress and found I liked blogger better. Your pictures look better on your blogger page too. But we’ll follow you over to wordpress just like a good stalker should. Ya know you would have thought they would have at least apologized for their flub.

  4. Man, you’ve been through it lately Mark! Sorry to hear about your foot, no tub, then Blogger is coming down on you, and no dive time!! Somebody give this man a break. No, I don’t mean your bones, lol!Try to take it easy Mark. : )

  5. Good luck with the move if that’s what you’re going to do. I’ll continue reading your stuff off and on as my schedule permits… same as before.I moved too, built my own and hosting it on my own server. My moved sign is on my blog.