I’m glad it’s Friday. First weekend off in two weekends. Unfortunately the Wife is working tomorrow.

I had a major problem this morning. You’re going to be horrified, I was extremely low on coffee in the coffee container, and was searching the house for the coffee in the silver can. After searching every cupboard in the whole house, I finally found the coffee diabolically and maliciously stashed in plain sight on the counter, next to the coffee maker. I opened it up starvingly and found it was bean coffee, not ground. I re started my search, looking for the coffee grinder. I could not find it. Entering withdrawals from too much blood in my caffeine system, I heroically exhausted the last of my strength and made a small pot of coffee. I am seriously under-coffeed this morning, don’t know if I can make it through this one. If you don’t hear from me in the next few days, send someone looking.

On a different note, here’s some pictures of our animals. Paloma the horse isn’t ours, but she asked me for water yesterday. I went outside and she walked towards me from across the field, staring at me lovingly. She walked up to her water bucket and, looking at me, kicked it with her front foot. It was empty. I got her water and I think she likes me.

Lee and BTK after dinner, acting very uncatlike.

Sheba and Goldie. They are trying to figure each other out.

Paloma our next door neighbor

I love Paloma and I think Paloma likes me!

8 thoughts on “Fridayeay!

  1. Too much blood in your caffeine system. Love it. We had a horse in a field behind our house when I was growing up. It wasn't ours, but I used to feed it sugar sometimes. I hope that wasn't wrong.

  2. Ha, I LOVED that passage about the coffee, or lack of – so sweet and believable! Great shot of those cats up there, too – they look about to challenge you with, "And your point is..?" Gotta' love the superiority of a feline! And yes, I think the horsey likes you, too.

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