Rainbow Shots…..

Sounds like an alcohol drink…
Yesterday I just got home from work when I got a mysterious phone call.
“Are you home?” a seductive, hypnotic, sexy, alluring voice asked.
“Yes”, I answered, instantly hypnotically captivated.
“Go outside”.
I headed out to the back porch,
“No no no, to the front”. So I went out on the front porch.
“See the rainbow?” The voice asked.
“Yes” I answered.
“Take Pictures” The voice commanded.
So I did.
A double rainbow

A bird on the wire.

Two minutes later The Wife pulls into our driveway!
The brightest rainbow in my life!

8 thoughts on “Rainbow Shots…..

  1. Very pretty rainbows!! Love double rainbows!! There is one problem!!! The steering wheel on your wifies car is BACKWARDS!!! …debbie

  2. Wow!! The rainbow photo with the bird is extraordinary!!! Well done and hooray for phone calls like that. And the honor to your wife, just as brilliant.

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