I found a website, it is very cool. All ever the world there are Geocaches, kind of like little treasure chests that people hide, then post the GPS location on the website. Then others with GPS units find the cache, take an something and leave something. There’s also different types other than actual caches too. Like a place of interest. For example, yesterday I went there looking for a cache, the actual coordinates are in the middle of the construction zone for the new turtle farm and I figured the cache was gone. I got ran off by a security guard when I was 56 feet from the waypoint.
I went back home to report it missing on the website and DUH! The Turtle Farm is the cache!
It was my First Time. (I have a GPS like this, it’s small, not too expensive, fist in your pocket, and everyone thinks it’s a cell phone)

Today after I go diving, I’m going to try to find another geocache. This one actually IS a cache!

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  1. I am so excited to hear that you discovered this website. I work for our local Chamber of Commerce and I was recently put in charge of our Geocache in the area. It had been neglected for a while but it is going to be better than ever soon. I live in La Grange, Texas. We have a multi-cache called “I Did It In La Grange, Texas”. Czech us out… Zip is 78945If ever you get an urge to come to Texas (which isn’t that far above the Marktic Circle)…you will have a good time with the Chamber Chicks here. And yes we are the original location of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas!! But, sorry to say, it’s not open for business anymore!Kelli

  2. i can not buy a GPS receiver.i heard about that site while taking a boat navigation class that involved GPS nav. The website lists 554 caches within 50 miles of my house. thats an obsession waiting to happen!word verification- gpyvxtyg

  3. I like to stay low profile, so a GPS receiver is out of the question for me… My best bet is too keep true to my own lil secret paradise in the country.

  4. Good luck with the Geo-caching… we started just recently when someone told us about it and found our first one with no GPS unit and ever since been addicted… it is fun and so I guess I am a geek… never thought I would be one of those… hahaha