Cliffs of Dover? Not Quite!

Yesterday was a good day. I went diving first, then I went to a beach I saw on Google Earth.

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It was a very nice beach but not as secluded as I thought it would be. Also I thought I’d never been there before but I had. I was laying there on the beach alternately reading my book, listening to my little radio and playing with my GPS when I noticed I was only a half a mile (800 meters) from a Geocache waypoint. (I was planning on going to a different one yesterday) So I picked up myu towel and backpack and started walking. At first it was OK, beautiful secenery, crashing waves and a nice cool breeze with the hot sun. My favorite clime!

But the terrain got rougher and rougher

Until it got completely impassable and I had to turn back. I mean, there is NO WAY you could walk across this. It is razor sharp.

This isn’t the best route in anyway. So I went back to the beach and stayed till I ran out of water. Then I came back home and had a cool shower and a nap.
I will go back and get there from another direction.

This morning I am getting ready to go diving again. Today will be a deeper one.
Then, who knows?

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  1. Hi Mark, You take some aswesome photos. I would love to have prints of some of your shots. Keep shooting, we all enjoy them a lot.