Good Football weekend, bad weather

The wind is blowing pretty hard, and it looks all cloudy out the window. I am supposed to go diving today, but I am beginning to have my doubts that we’re going out on the boat.

My Washington Redskins won! And the arch rival Dallas Cowboys lost. Nobody could ask for more from a football day. There were a lot upsets and big comebacks. Good weekend for American football.
I’ve been hearing about a big snowstorm in the US. I looked at the Virginian Pilot OnLine Newspapers Traffic Camera nearest my house in Chesapeake Virginia and it looks like they got a lot of snow. If you want to see it, look at the map below, near the bottom center there is a “pushpin” with a red arrow that I added pointing to it. Luckily, my pushpin is on top and on a ‘point’ so it’s easy to find and easy to click. Open the traffic camera link and click on the same pushpin on the webpage. That camera is only a couple hundred meters from my house, as the crow flies, (it’s about a 5 minute drive because you have to get off the highway and crap.)

This is all for my post today, have a fun day, I hope you still have time off for the holidays. I have to get ready to allegedly go diving in the cold cold 79 degree Fahrenheit Cold Cayman water.


0 thoughts on “Good Football weekend, bad weather

  1. The snow must have been totally coastal. We got none. Zero. Zip. I'm not complaining but sometimes it is kinda fun to get a nice snow. The wind it blowing like crazy, and that can just stop. The sun is shining which makes the front of my house toasty. I'm going to put my bathing suit on and lay in the sun and pretend I'm on the beach.

  2. I 64 runs by my house!! About a mile away. It looked just like that Christmas Eve afternoon when Bob was trying to make it home. Yea Redskins!!!! I dislike Dallas with a Passion!! I like the Eagles too. and the Patriots….debbie