Rooftop Camping and movie

On December 24th, for three, maybe four, years in a row now, The Wife and I have gone camping. In our our apartment, we used to go across the street to the beach, but since we moved into the house, we go on the roof. Here’s a few pics of the “setup”. We have a projector that accepts an input from a DVD player and we hang a sheet up on the wall for a screen.
There’s a mattress in the tent, and we bring up all the blankets and pillows and it’s quite cozy in the tent.
We also have a larger tent, with 3 rooms and you can stand up an walk around in, that we use when we have visitors.


0 thoughts on “Rooftop Camping and movie

  1. Now!! How Fun is THAT!! What a neato idea!! That's really neat, a little romantic, and fun! AND….you have potty facilities!! and food nearby! lol Great idea and a lot of fun sleeping among the stars!…debbie

  2. NOW THAT IS AWESOME…. I am not a camping type of person… but that is really neat… all the amenities of home with the camping 'feel'… well done.