Good weekend

My Favorite Pirate

It was a good weekend, Saturday OI Girl and I took the two dawgs to a training session. They both did very well. Ditto better than Sheba. We’ll be going back for several weeks. Sheba seems to be improving, but she’s still hardheaded.
Also we went to the Pirates week landing and parade and Saturday night we watched fireworks from our roof.
Sunday we went to the beach, it was sunny and hot till it suddenly started raining.
Today is windy and cold.
This is the kind of post nobody leaves a comment on.

0 thoughts on “Good weekend

  1. Ol Girl is a cutey. When you two getting married?I’m glad the dog is getting better. There’s nothing like a pet that is unbearable to live with.

  2. Tell someone not to leave a comment, and they will! May not say much else though…. Oh hold on…. sad it got cold. How’s that?

  3. See, just because you said no one would leave a comment, I had to. Sorry I haven’t checked blogs in a couple of weeks.