Trashbag raincoat

Yesterday I left my raincoat at work, so today I wore a black trashbag with holes cut for my head and arms. Although I had seen them plenty, it was the first time I had ever worn such a garmet.
Stylish enough to wear anywhere, yet comfortable enough for everyday wear, economical and functional. It goes with anything, keeps you dry, and it was big enough that my computer backpack would fit underneath, not outside in the rain like with my raincoat.
So, it was a good thing!
My car’s in the shop, getting a new muffler, there was ascraping sound, I figured front end, big $$$ but it wasn’t so bad. The tailpipe was scraping the tire on right turns. That’s why I’m riding my scooter in the rain.

5 thoughts on “Trashbag raincoat

  1. Scooter In The Rain.Sounds like a country song to me. Of course I’m jealous as it looks like it is 79 degrees where you are as I post this.

  2. You should try making a raincoat out of duct tape. The redneck teenagers here in Georgia wear duct tape tuxedos to prom.

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