Good weekend

I had a pretty good weekend. Friday The OI Girl and I went to a party at the Ritz. It was pretty nice. Everyone was supposed to wear white, but the best I could do was a dim yellow. The party was the kickoff for the Crisis Center Fundraiser. I had a $45 glass of water.
Saturday, we went diving, with some of the OI Girls friends who were diving for the first time since they got certified.
Sunday we went back to the beach in the morning and in the afternoon was the tennis match I mentioned Friday. There were world champion tennis players there, and I think it’s the first time I ever sat and watched anyone play tennis. I’ve seen tennis courts, just never anybody playing. I played one day once in high school gym.
Watching a tennis match was pretty fun, but your neck gets sore after a while.

Now it’s back to work, with the crazy Holiday schedule starting up about now.

0 thoughts on “Good weekend

  1. I love tennis, playing it or watching it. I did get to see a charity match once. It was John McEnroe vs. Vitas Gerulitas, may he rest in peace. It was fun!Whaa! I want to go to a party at the Ritz!! I don’t have anything white but I’d go shopping!

  2. My hometown used to hold tennis matches where people would come from all over the world. When I was 17 and the match was in town this man mistook me for Chris Everett and asked for my autograph. I gave it to him. I hear you on the $45 glass of water. I had a $10.50 shot of knob creek bourbon Sunday at my hubbys company christmas party.

  3. Damn man, I feel like a country hick when you are talking about partying at the Ritz, $45 glass of water watching tennis.Um, we just pitch horsehoes here.