It’s Friday, The OI Girl won a contest and got tickets to a tennis match and a party this weekend. It should be fun.
And I am seriously disappointed I didn’t get more comments about my new grill. We used it last night and it is great!
I guess it’s just a grill.

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  1. completely off subject- not sure if you know, but google earth has updated its GC mosaic. no more nor’wester pictures. you can see all the SMB reefs!back on subject- congratulations!

  2. As someone who is married to a man that has 5 grills on the patio, I can appreciate the thrill of a grill. Congrats! What did you cook on it to break it in? It looks so nice. One of the hubster’s many grills has a sideburner and we make blackened fish on it sometimes with an iron skillet so we don’t smoke up the kitchen.Funny story, one Christmas Greg was smoking a rib roast on a WSM (a Weber Smoky Mountain) and it was snowing so he did it in the garage with the garage door cracked a little. The neighbor dude came over banging on the door to tell us our gargage was on fire, but not to worry because he had called the fire dept. Was he embarrased when he found out we were just cooking. BTW, sounds like OI girl hassome serious luck going on. Maybe she should play the lottery now!

  3. LoL, man just the fact that I am seeing that it is in the upper 70’s there while I am freezing my tail off makes getting a new grill so last Thursday’s news.I am putting my hands up to the screen just to see if there are any residual head vibes coming from your blog.

  4. I love the grill! and the picture of the sunset. My friends were on a cruise when you took this picture, maybe it was their ship! Wow, wouldn’t that be cool! My husband will not use propane, he still wants to use a plain ole charcoal grill and starts it without lighter fluid. He likes to do things the hard way. Ya gotta love him.