Goodbye Facebook

The line was drawn for me Saturday morning, an apparent prostitute mentioned me in a comment. A few weeks ago, another pornographer tagged me in a post. I went to report the posts as spam and porn but Facebook doesn’t allow that. I had to select from drop down menus, none of which applied to any situation anyone would find themselves in.

I don’t know this person, and Facebook privacy should (used to) prevent people not in my contacts list from contacting me. Additionally, if I posted porn, or spam on Facebook, I would get my account disabled either temporarily or permanently.

So if I go on vacation, and post a picture, anybody knows I’m not home and can go break into my house. The assumption is that only people I allow to see my posts can see them. Obviously that policy went by the wayside at some point in the past.

So I decided I was leaving. And I am. I posted that I was leaving in 72 hours, if anyone wanted my email or number, message me. The 72 hours ends Tuesday at 10 am. And then, Facebook began hiding my messages! People tell me they sent me a message and it’s not there. Facebook did this before, trying to make everyone install their spyware app. Which I never did.

Plus, Facebook has been going downhill fast. I log on, and the first post on my “timeline” is from 15 hours ago. Refresh the page and it’s completely different. I’m not seeing what my friends are posting so I can assume they’re not seeing what I post. I scroll down and see the same possts repeated, I see primarily posts from one person and nothing from the majority of my closer friends.

Another somewhat new feature, I call the “Nuttin’ Button”. This, circled in green below, is a button that takes you to mindless drivel from people you never heard of. A total waste time and resources. And some algorithm even gives you notifications about the nuttin’ that’s there.

There’s too much to complain about now and Facebook just keeps getting worse. The politics, the fake news, the censorship. It goes on and on.

So bye bye Facebook! I will not be back!

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