Happy Birthday To ME!

I was wondering what to post about today and was reading the comments from yesterdays post and Kelli reminded me it was my birthday. When you get as old as me, (46 today) birthdays aren’t a good thing. I’m now on the wrong side of 45. 50 will be here in no time.

The OI Girl is coming tonight. I haven’t seen her in some weeks. I have the day off tomorrow but I feel kind of guilty, like I’ve been taking too much time off lately.
I’ll try not to let it bother me tooo much!

For my birthday, I’m posting a picture of me in my Birthday Suit!

0 thoughts on “HBDTM

  1. Birthy Hapday Mark!That has got to be the world’s smallest shower. I have to admit I looked at the pic for several minutes trying to figure out how you avoided showing anything.

  2. Happy Birthday Mark. For your B-day I bought me a new swanky MacBook. …………. You’re welcome!Enjoy the day! Nice shot by the way.

  3. Okay…so how many pictures did you have to take before you had one that didn’t show anything? Or are you just that good?

  4. HBTY! Age is just a number…. you’re only as old as you feel…. and all those other cliches. Have a drink on me!

  5. I’m with Daisy Mae on this…we have to see the shower by itself. I don’t think I have ever seen a shower that small other than being in a travel trailer.When OI Girl is gone fill us in.Otra vez, Feliz Cumpleanos!

  6. Jeez, you get a lot of comments on your birthday….or birthday suit!Happy Birthday to a fellow Cancer!….that is a small shower!