Thanks for all the comments yesterday! I love those double digits!
I’m taking the day off work today and my girlfriend arrived last night. I’ll take a picture of my shower for you later, it’s not that small! It’s a standard stand-up-no-bathtub shower, probably bigger than half a bathtub.
Now, when it’s your birthday, I want you to post a pic of you in your birthday suit! (not you Randy)

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  1. I just couldn’t allow you to go without one single comment. I think you may have scared everyone away by asking for pics in their birthday suits! Mine’s in October…so we’ll see what we can do.I hope you are having a great time with OI (and getting lots of sex!) Yeah, I said it…I’ll check in on you tomorrow!Have a Happy!

  2. Okay!!! I need time for a blog. Mine would be the world’s most neglected. I check yours and two others, my email, and get back to this thing called life.I have my blogspot…it’s just under construction.