Ho Hum

I’m here on a cloudy Saturday morning. The doctor said I shouldn’t dive for a couple of weeks. I guess I should send my rebreather in for annual service. (not the whole thing, just the electronics part)

I’m pissed that I’m injured. Here’s how I think it happened, not that it matters at this stage. I went diving on the OI Girls bosses boat, with my rebreather and sidemounts. (the only reason I carry sidemounts, on a no-deco dive, is in case I had to share air with another diver) On the boat, is a very small, two rung ladder. So, after the dive, I swim up to the ladder, and it’s so close to the surface, I could get only one knee on it. So I’m holding the ladder with both hands, and I put a knee up. Then I stand up on the knee, and get my other foot in the rung, next to my knee. Then I have to stand up, using one leg, to get the first foot on the ladder. Now, keep in mind, that the ladder is so short, that when I have both feet and my hands on the ladder, my hands are actually below my knees, so I’m way stooped over. Then I have to stand up, balance, and make a grab for the gunwale of the boat. Not to mention that the boat is heaving around in the waves, and the ladder has pinch hazards where the hinges are, so you have to hold it in the middle, effectively making it even shorter. It’s a real pain in the balls, (literally)

Here’s a pic of a ladder just like it that I found on the internet.
frikkin piece of junk toy ladder

I fell back in twice, trying to switch a hand from the ladder to the boat, but I didn’t ever think I did anything to hurt myself. But that’s all I can think of that happened. My instinct tells me that it will be a lot longer than two weeks before I’m diving again. I hope I’m wrong.

The OI Girl is still sleeping, I think I’ll make her breakfast in bed.

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  1. Hope OI give you a sloppy kiss for breakfast in bed. That’s so sweet. I made sure to mention this to my other half just now. He says “thanks alot!” LOL!!!Sorry your hurt…sounds like you strained your groin. I’ve heard that’s quite painful. Rest yourself.