House Building Woes

I’m trying to get my house built. I keep having one more hoop to jump through. There seems to be a problem with this insurance that I need, it seems overly expensive and something seems amiss.
And now the bank is playing games – again. They approved the loan and now apparently they want me to re-write the application, using more of my money and less of theirs. When they said that I pulled out their policy and quoted it to them, which states we do it the way we were doing it. They said they’d get back to me.
Neverending bullcrap.

0 thoughts on “House Building Woes

  1. we got a home equity loan a couple of years ago and paid off all our credit cards with it in addition to going on a snazzy vacation to a warmer climate. 4 months later we get a letter from the bank wanting us to come in and sign these letters that had made up to send to all our credit card companies stating that we were closing our accounts with them. that was never a term of the loan and they were trying to add it as a term 4 months after the loan was done. We refused. They pressed for more than a year but we refused. It was illegal anyway. I took loan documentationclasses when I worked in the banking software industry and I knew my stuff. they can’t revise the original loan papers once the loan has been made. It’s sealed in blood at that point and there is no changing. They had no clue who they were messing with!