How to Eat Lucky Charms

My favorite cereal in the world and quite possibly my favorite food is Lucky Charms.
But there is a procedure I must follow to eat them properly.
first, I need a huge bowl and a very pointy spoon, like a grapefruit spoon. And of course plenty of Lucky Charms and milk. (I drink only soymilk)
First fill the bowl to heaping with Lucky Charms, then add milk till the cereal floats and starts falling out of the bowl.
Then very carefully, using the pointy spoon, I eat only the cereal bits, avoiding at all cost the mashmallows. This may be contrary to your previous training and experience, but trust me, I am an expert.
When the cereal bits are gone, the marshmallows MUST uniformily and completely entirely cover the surface of the milk. If there are any milk patches uncovered, I refill the bowl with Lucky Charms and more milk and and again eat only the cereal bits.
When I have a the milksurface completely covered with marshmallows, then and only then do I eat the marshmallows! Then I put down the spoon, pick up the bowl and drink the pink milk!
As far as I am concerned, it is the only acceptable method to be used when eating Lucky Charms Cereal.

9 thoughts on “How to Eat Lucky Charms

  1. LOL! I love this post! Too too funny! I’ll have to try that the next time I buy Lucky Charms! Seems the “charms” are “lucky” since you eat them last! 😉 Have a great day!

  2. Ha! Ha! I do that too, eat the cereal first and save the marshmellows for last! Too funny, Mark! It was worth waiting for though.

  3. Lol, you’re as fussy as my BH about eating things you like! But honestly, marshmellows for breakfast? Americans eat wierd stuff!

  4. I personally pour as little milk as possible and eat the entire bowl as fast as I can before they get even soggier. 😉

  5. Too funny!! I love your post. I have never eaten Lucky Charms before. I will remember your method though, in the event that Lucky Charms cross my path. 🙂

  6. I’m not a fan of the Lucky Charms. I really dislike the fake marshmallow goop that it always turns into after a few minutes. Still, it’s an entertaining way of eating them.

  7. I thought “I” was OCD about eating peanuts (always the toastiest ones first, always the whole ones first before the halved bits etc). Loved this post. Very playful… I’m sure you’ve got good memories associated with that cereal:)

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