Week Flying By

It’s Thursday. I am looking forward to the weekend.

At lunch yesterday I swam the half mile again then sat on the beach in the middle of all the cruise ship visitors. There were 4 cruise ships in yesterday so the beach was somewhat crowded. It is a good place for people watching.
Here there are cruise ships almost every day. The most I’ve seen on a single day is 7. This November, there are some days that 11 cruise ships are scheduled to be here. The government is taking measures to reschedule some of them. This place would be packed with 11 cruise ships!! It could almost double the population of the island!

Last night, I promised myself I would go running this morning. I used to run every morning before Hurricane Ivan, but haven’t much since then. (A lot of people say something similar.) But this morning, I woke up and said “no way!” I went to bed early enough, but woke up super tired. Now I feel fine and am kicking myself in the butt for lack of self discipline. This morning I found myself showered and ready to walk out the door with more than an hour before it was time to leave! Swimming is good exercise, but it doesn’t get your heart pumping like running does. I think that’s important. And sweat. I think good, heavy sweating is important, your body gets rid of some stuff it really needs to get rid of.

Anyway, I have to go put my rebreather together as I hope to dive today. So If you’re reading this, I hope you have a great day and I’ll talk to you again soon. And leave a comment!

0 thoughts on “Week Flying By

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself, there is always tomorrow morning for a run! I purchased rollerblades last night and went out for the first time in probably close to 10 years-I tossed my old ones years ago. Then I went on the trail for about 45 minutes. It kicked me in the *ss, but felt great! I definately needed it!

  2. Christa, I had roller blades but never got good at them then they broke. I’d like another pair, mine were from a yard sale. Are you sore this morning?Oh Debi!! Whisper in my ear and tell me how!

  3. I forgot about rollerblading. That’s good exercise too! I like what I think Debi is suggesting. hehe…definitely a great way to burn calories and sweat it up.Swimming feels so good! No worries about the running. You’ll get there. 🙂

  4. I agree – don’t be so hard on yourself – you’re in great shape! 🙂 As for the rollerblades – I have some — I should get them out and see if I remember how! 🙂 I loved it when I used to do it all the time.ditto on the comments of Debi and Marie… 🙂 hehe