Well, I’m very disappointed, I missed my photo club meeting because I worked late.
I thought for sure I’d make this one, then 5 minutes before I walk out the door, I get a call about the new computer program not working. Last week it was the hardware and now it’s the software.
I am tired of placing work before my personal life.
I really wanted to go to the photo club meeting, I had it in my calendar for along time.

0 thoughts on “Humph

  1. aww! any way you can even informally reincarnate the meeting? like by having them over for a casual get together? or meeting them at another place?

  2. Life seems to work that way. Things will be moving along smoothly and without much interference and then the ONE day that you have planned for SOMETHING that YOU want to do–the unexpected happens. It’s frustrating.Berkeley Girl has a good suggestion. An informal meeting (if possible) could be a good way to recoup some of what you missed. There may be other people who also missed the meeting.