UW Self Portrait

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This is a pic I took at about 15 feet while decoing. I pointed my camera at one of those dome-shaped rearview mirrors for your car. you can see a piece of the camera in the mirror on the right. Attached near my mouthpiece is the HUD, or Heads Up Display, it has lights I can see to constantly let me know the status of my rebreather. Behind me is a buoy and the sun. On my hand is my rebreather handset. Both the HUD and the handset are permanently connected to the lid. All of this together is the electronics and is the most important and expensive part of the rebreather, which is what I had to send back for repair. (It’s working great now!)

0 thoughts on “UW Self Portrait

  1. Hey, great picture. Love the self portrait there. I was also writing back to let you know that you and I share the same birthday. Isn’t that great? I think so. Take care birthday buddy.

  2. You should put that pic on http://www.selfportraitday.com/ That is such an awesome self portrait. That does it, I am breaking off my neighbors rear view mirror on her mini-van and doing a cool self portrait of me. She doesn’t use her mirror anyway. I’ve seen the dents on her mini-van so it’s very apparent that she doesn’t use her mirrors.

  3. You can get a mirror like that at almost any auto parts store or grocery store in the auto parts section. It’s a 3″ blind spot mirror that has double sided tape on the back that you’re supposed to stick on your outside rear view mirror. The tape peels off easily when its new.