Hurricane Season is OVER!!

Yesterday I said I was going to post some pictures. Yesterday there were seven cruise ships in, seven! That’s a lot! It would have been a great day to take pics but I didn’t get the chance. I was very busy at work. Today promises to be busy too.

Yesterday was the last day of Hurricane season. December first. We’re lucky we didn’t get hit this year. Condolences to those who did.

I got feeback forms from Yahoo, asking how they did with my support case. I don’t think they could have done much worse. I’ll enjoy filling it in later. I also got Yahoo’s address in California. I am seriously thinking about calling them there. I want my email account back. I’m pretty obsessed with it, I think.

Anyway, that’s all for now!

0 thoughts on “Hurricane Season is OVER!!

  1. Wish I had been on one of those 7 freakin’ ships! I SOOOOOO need a vacation! Tell ’em what you really think over at yahell! Hopefully they’ll get it straightened out for you! 🙂 Best of Luck

  2. i remember hearing about a blog on which the guy spends all his time searching for the phone numbers of corporations that will actually put you in touch with a human. or something like that. hope it helps.

  3. I saw on the news this morhing that hurricane season was over. And they said that there had been a few cases of where they had a hurricane after hurricane season opened. They also said that this was one of the most active seasons ever. And I KNEW that it would be because I saw Sylvia Brown say so last Jan on the Montel show. I never believe that crap until now. Maybe she is just a good guesser, I don’t know. Sucks about your Yahoo account. Bloody hijackers!

  4. Don’t work to hard and enjoy the fact that hurrican season is over. I want to see pictures there of the Christmas festivities. The would be neat to show my class what it looks like in paradise on Christmas.