I couldn't see my blog.

I just got a plain white page.
Today was the second day.
I went to my settings page and republished my template and it works ok now.
today I’m working. Dont want to.
Tomorrow I’m going to the other island to work for a few days. I will see the OI Girl. We had a fight yesterday. The dog ran away. He’d be 10 feet from me and I’d call him and he’d run the other way. I was mad because I spent all afternoon looking for him. Then when the neighbor caught him, apparently to the OI Girl I was supposed to be happy he was back and forget I wasted my afternoon. I didn’t yell at the dog, I didn’t hit the dog. OI Girl implied that I’d have a hard time raising kids if I was upset about the dog running away. I wasn’t really upset untill she brought it up, twice.
I tell you what, kids would have been punished a lot more than the dang dog was for that.
Yesterday afternoon was a major part of my weekend, that I didn’t plan on wasting.
I am in an unpleasant mood.
Another reason I am in a bad mood is because I have met the guy who is the biggest slacker I have ever seen. Plus, I’m coming to realize, that every time he opens his mouth, bullshit comes out.

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  1. I’m thinking the OI girl has neither kids, or a dog ;o) My last dog (not Ryks, the one before) used to run away when we were walking – it drove me mad and though I didn’t hit him, I used to curse him out pretty bad! I don’t *think* that makes me a bad parent now, and this new puppy will be trained just as much as Ryker so I don’t have to go through that nonsense again! And P.S. though none of my kids have (yet) run off – I wouldn’t be too impressed with them either if they did!

  2. I’ve come back to add something – when training Ryks, I did take the appraoch that if he thought of running off, I did praise him when he returned ((whilst grinding my teeth) with the theory being, they’re more likely to return next time, if you’re not foul this time) but can’t see my patience lasting when the dog is grown and habits are set ;o)

  3. I agree with Jona. I don’t think your handling of the dog situation implis anything about your abilities to be a good parent. I came yesterday too and got the blank page you were talking about. Just assumed that blogger was having issues. Glad it’s back up though.Hope your day gets better.

  4. Well I am glad your blog is back up. I thought, “Wow, I’ve just found one of the most awesome blogs and now it’s gone!”Sorry to hear about yor bad day. They do tend to happen don’t they? Dogs will be dogs, kids will be kids, and most people will have far too much expectations from us than we are sometimes in the mood to deal with,lol! Cheer, tommorrow will be a better day!

  5. No blank page for me; everything’s up! Sorry about the bad mood; things will look up. go for a dive, take pictures of funny-looking fish for us. You’ll feel better!