What day is it?

I wonder if I’ve already used that title before, probably.
Is it Friday? It cannot be! It seems like it was just Monday a few minutes ago. Well, it doesn’t matter to me! I’m working tomorrow, and flying Sunday, so that means no diving. (You aren’t supposed to dive for 24 hours before flying).

I’ve ridden my bike every day all week. I can’t figure if I should drive today or ride. Ride I rekkon!

Since I don’t have a picture to post, heres one I drew. It is an island, with a dock and beach chairs and a boat and palm trees and beach.

Laugh if you want, I know I can’t draw. I want to learn to draw banana plants, that way I don’t have to eat only coconuts on my island. I heard a story about a little kid who asked what a group of people were doing. The kids Mom said they were taking an art class to learn how to draw. The little kid replied, “You mean they forgot?” Little kids know how to draw, they don’t know or care if it’s any good or not.
That’s the way it should be.
I know I can’t draw worth a dang, I know my drawing sucks.
But I don’t give a rats ass!

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  1. Because, while you are diving, your body tissues are absorbing more gas from your breathing to compensate for the increased pressure underwater. At the surface, it takes 24 hours for your body to slowly “offgas” this excess. When you go up in altitude, like on a plane or up in the mountains, pressure decreases. This could cause the excess gas in your body to come out of solution and form bubbles.Depending on where the bubbles form, they can produce a wide range of symptoms. This is called decompression sickness.

  2. Great drawing! Thanks for the visit and piece of advice. 🙂 Most thankful for linking me to your spot here! I have found your photos and entries amazing! I love the water so much, but I am not close enough to it to enjoy it as I would like. Come visit me again, and I will definitely be back to see what wonders you have to share!