I guess this is my last sickday

I guess this is my last sickday. I”ll go back to work tomorrow. My sick pass is till the 13th, but I’m going to go to see the OI Girl Friday (Work is paying the bill, because I’m working Saturday) Also I like doing the talk show on Wednesdays.

Plus I want to say that I need to do some important jobs I have to get done, but I think the message of me hurting my foot is that I’m not supposed to say things like that or feel that way.

I wrote this eariler this morning on WordPress. Blogger seeemed to be down. I just pasted it over. WordPress seems really slow compared to Blogger.

Check out this website: “Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth”. It is a very cool site, worth checking out, wherever you live. It is pictures of Earth taken by astronauts.

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