TIme is flying by!!

It is May 8th. The month is one third of the way done. As long as I have leved, the first half of the year has seemed faster than the last half.
This morning I was sorting through my pictures, looking for one to post today, and I noticed I hadn’t taken any yet this month. The last ones I took were April 30th of my foot with the cast on it. So heres one I thinnk is interesting, they’re artificial reefs that they used down by the Mariotte when they were having so much sand erosion problems before Hurricane Ivan. (Hurricane Ivan gave them lots of sand back.) I thinnk these are being stored here or else maybe they’re lost. I found them when I was out snorkeling after work one day. It surprised me to come upon them.

They look like a pencil holder I made my Dad when I was in kindergarden!

I got up early again and went and saw Neptune, I definitely saw it this time, and the first time, but the first time I wasn’t sure which object it was out of several.

This afternoon I have another doctors appointment about my foot. I want to be rid of these dang crutches. The killer part, like I said before, is that with crutches, you loose both hands.

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  1. Glad to hear you are doing better.These are very interesting photos, definitely something I don’t get to see, nor would I know what they were if I did, lol! They do look like pencil holders don’t they? They also look like they’ve been under for awhile.