I’m In Total Control

Doing good today, ahead of schedule. 6:20 and I’m ready to head out the door. Usually I sit down here to post my post about 6:33.

Yesterday I went for my first beach lunch in a couple weeks. Before yesterday, all I had to do was think “lunch” and the sky would immediately cloud over and it would start pouring rain.

I’m in control of the weather in a negative way, I tell ya. If it’s raining, and I put out the indoor houseplants, it will stop raining before I can get the last one outside. Every time. I’ve demonstrated this several times to my wife.

If I want it to rain, I head for the beach, sometimes just thinking of heading to the beach will suffice. I look outside on a sunny Sunday and think “It’s nice, I think I’ll go to the beach”. Put on my swimsuit and head out the door and it’s completely cloudy. Then it say, “well, I guess I’ll go clean out the closet, like I planned.” The I start cleaning the closet and look outside and it’s totally sunny again.

Totally in control.

Have a happy humpday.