Inspiration Rebreather Lid

In about the middle of October, I send my rebreather electronics off to to be repaired. It had the same exact problem recur that I already had repaired a year or so ago.
They also did a ‘servicing’ that cost over $500. Friday I got my lid back and my display on my handset was damaged. It had a protective sheet on it when I sent it, and the sheet was gone and the display was damaged. I’ve never seen that kind of damage on anyones display. Sometimes they get a ‘cigarette burn’ if you leave them in the sun, but I have always been meticulous about keeping it safe.
I was so mad, I called them immediately, and just caught them as they were going home. (It is 5 hours later in the UK)
In a half hour, I had it back at Fed Ex, shipping it back to be re-repaired.

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