nothing to post

I’m at work already, waiting for the coffee to brew. Its December first already. Hurricane season is officially over!
I don’t really remember much of the weekend. Saturday we had the dogs training, Sheba is doing much better, still a long ways to go with her. I was working downstairs and had the dogs tied up in the yard Saturday, Sheba must have eaten something she shouldn’t have, because Sunday she was sick, sick as a DOG! She was puking a lot and you could tell she felt bad. I gave her a quarter of a Rolaids, and she seemed to get better pretty fast. Sunday she was trying to eat crap off the road again.
Didn’t do much this weekend.

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  1. We have a lab we are training ourselves and it has been quite a difficult task.I have never trained one in my life so I am trying to help where I can – but usually I end up in the way.