Late Post Today

I’m posting late today, I had a broadcast early this morning. Well, not too early, a little early. I’m sure you were all listening online. Any after the broadcast and I was taking down the equipment, a (pretty) young woman came up to me and asked me my name and said she reads my blog every day. I asked her if she was the one who left the Gigs not Jigs comment and she said yes. I told her I never met anyone who read my blog before, afterwords I realized that that’s not true. Once a Jeff and Lisa introduced themselves in the dive shop parking lot while they were here visiting. And there’s one other too. The truth I meant to say is that I’ve never told anyone I know about my blog. Even that’s kinda not true, I mentioned this blog to my Pen pal in Italy in an email, but he never replied that he read it, and I’ve never met him, so I don’t know if that counts
Anyway this particular woman told me she has a blog too but she’s only made one post. . . Hmmm. She also told me that there’s another person very close to me who reads this every day too. I explained to her about how the counters work and that I could tell I had some people on local ISP’s reading my blog.
It’s good. I’ve kinda known you’ve been reading for a long time, so keep reading, If you have a blog, write on it, and if you don’t, get your own blog too and don’t be scared. My email address is in my profile. If you read this leave a comment so I can tell, and all that jazz.

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  1. Well, someone got a little silly with the links on that one. And by the way, I will be posting to my own blog soon…I know I’ve neglected it, but it is with reason.

  2. Hi Mark, it was nice to have met you today, tho like I said my husband kinda stole my thunder by giving you the heads up. I actually don’t recall you saying that I was the first “fan” you’d met, but it was nice to come close. I guess that since we live in such “small quarters” I’ll be seeing you around…have a nice weekend and will let you know when I get around to doing the blog thing in earnest. LW