Missed posts.

I didn’t even take my computer out of its bag all weekend, hence, no posts. I don’t like it, when I don’t post, but it is kind of difficult, because the OI Girl doesn’t know about this blog and I would feel kind of funny sneaking. I suppose I could just email a post from my phone, or show the OI Girl this blog. We didn’t get along too well this weekend, the OI Girl and I.
Another thing, I keep trying to switch to the Blogger Beta version of blogger, but can’t. According to their help file, there’s no reason I can’t, unless this blog falls into the exceptionally large category, which I don’t think it does.
I have a very busy week planned this week. I’m (hopefully) going to Little Cayman this Wednesday for the day for work. I’ll definitely take a lot of pics that day!
Have a good week!

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  1. I guess we couples have those “off” weekends once and a while. But, when you start refering to the weekend as “Saturday at the Fights” you know that it has become an issue.