Late sleeper

This morning I slept late. Yesterday afternoon I went diving. Took a lot of pics. Then went and had chineese food with the training lady, who was also my dive buddy. I think the OI Girl is be upset about that.
Today I don’t know what I’m going to do. Maybe a little beach, maybe a dive. Definite studying.
Just so you know for the next time you hear me complaining about having to work extra without adequate advance notice, I thought I was working today untill yesterday, when I found out I wasn’t. It was a pleasant surprise.
Here’s pics from yesterdays dive. I got some more eel pics, but didn’t post them, Carney!
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Vase sponge


Filefish and my dive buddy

0 thoughts on “Late sleeper

  1. So what’s the visible difference between a rockfish and a dogfish? From what I’ve seen of a dogfish they look alot alike. I’ve caught one before when I was fishing for bait to go offshore(and do the real fishing), he was an ugly little bastard.

  2. Nice pics Mark!I can’t tell if your dive buddy is worth being jealous of, but I know my wife would upset even if I went diving with a woman who looked like a filefish 🙂

  3. Nice pictures.Thought it might be of interest to you to know that the fish you called a “filefish” is known as a “leatherjacket” here in New Zealand.