What day is it?

It took real effort not to name this post “It’s Friday”. Without looking, it seems I name every Fridays post “It’s Friday”.
Yesterday my post posted twice but I don’t know why. I’m glad everybody commented on the same one of the two, allowing me to delete the identical other.
Last night I studied. I’ve been slacking off. Although I study every day, I have slowed down quite a bit. All because of that one screwed up chapter. I sset it aside as it was destroying my motivation. I still say their answers are wrong. That section is as F***ed up as a soup sandwich!
Today is work, then I have to get one of my old scuba tanks filled for a night dive with the training lady. She says I have a good voice but use only about 50% of it. When I talk into the mic like she wants me to, I feel like in an idiot. In other words, when I think I do good, it sucks and when I think it sucks, it’s good. Another issue with the night dive is lights, if you recall, my lights went missing when the petty thief rifled my car
There’s a girl at work whose last day is today. When I met her, years ago, it was love at first sight, but she seemed to hate me. Then suddenly, for the past several months, maybe a year, she’s been nice to me and we’ve been getting along. I’m much sadder to see her go than anybody knows.
I had a good beach run and swim this morning. Very good. But I was looking for my swim goggles but couldn’t find them. I used to have several pairs. . . .
Have a good day (and weekend) everybody!

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  1. You start many Monday posts with “It’s Monday” also. I figure eventually we will run out of original titles and be repeating ourselves anyway.

  2. It’s funny that you mention that about talking into the mic after what I just e-mailed you. FYI…It can’t be that hard if I can do it. Sounds like the key is…Don’t just feeeeeel like the idiot, beeeee the idiot. And you’ll do fine. By the way I am laughing as I type this.