Leaking Money.

In the book Artemis, the term “Leaking Money” was used. It kind of struck a chord with me. While I don’t want to be miserly, I too occasionally buy things that, after I bought them, I didn’t really need. Or eat out alone when I have food at home. Or purchase a more advanced version of something I already have that works fine.

I need to come up with a personal code of conduct, a rule of thumb to use to decide when to spend and when to not spend. Do you have any ideas? Program s already implemented? Let me know.

It’s back to work today, running late. It was a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “Leaking Money.

    • I’m talking about the $40 16 oz to-go cup when I already have the 12 oz cup. Another of the same tool so I have that same tool in my other toolbag too. Another scuba diving mask or fins or some equipment that I already have dozens of. For example…!

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