Lenovo Quickstart

My new “free” computer came with this ‘thing’ called Lenovo Quickstart. When you turn your computer on, it starts really fast, but it’s not Windows. I’m using it now. Quickstart just gives you the basics. Surf the web, use Skype, and a photo app. It is really Splashtop, but for Lenovo. You can get Splashtop on your computer if you want I think. It’s great if you’re in a hurry at the airport or somewhere you don’t have time to wait forever while windows boots up. Of course you can always enter windows normally if you want..I noticed a funny thing. I did a Yahoo Search for Google news, and it isn’t there, at least not on the first page. It’s almost there, but not quite. They try to give you a bunch of links first, so you click anything BUT Google News. Low life yahoos.

Here its a miserable, windy cold rainy day. My Wife has a hand held wind meter that was showing gusts of up to 50 MPH last night.

The other day I posted that I was almost half way done with my online course, well, I got another load of books, and that means I’m less than a quarter way done. That means I need to buckle down and get off this blog.

Ciao for now. (That rhymes)

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  1. Can't say I've ever heard of Lenovo Quickstart, but if it saves time in a pinch, why not?! Yeah, you better get busy! You gotta lot to study! and read apparently! lol…debbie

  2. Yep I have seen Southern Comfort here… what does it taste like??? I am planning to 'self medicate' tonight once Stew is home from work! My drink of choice is a coffee liquer (sp?)…. it's evil but so niiiiiice!