More on the Chilean miners

I’ve been waiting for this. The drill may reach them tomorrow! There is debate on whether it is necessary to line the hole with pipe before bringing the miners out.
Check this out: Bits and pieces form several articles:

Relief shaft could break through to miners by Saturday but bringing men to the surface could take up to eight days

10/08/2010 07:37 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

The mining minister of Chile announced that the rescue drill is scheduled to reach the trapped miners by Saturday based on the present progress. The earlier government estimate was that it would be November before the miners could be freed. The rapid progress of one of the three drills employed has made it possible to reach the miners faster.

By Thursday the drill was just 300 feet away from the collapsed shaft where the miners had taken shelter. Meanwhile, on the surface, the debate rages whether it is necessary to reinforce the shaft with a metal pipe before the miners are helped out. The final decision regarding the reinforcement will be taken once the actual video images are taken after the drill punctures through. Reinforcing the shaft might delay the rescue by as much as eight days.

Technology has gone a long way in keeping the miners in the shaft fairly comfortable since the time they were first found. A fiber optic communication link helps in communicating with the outside world. A five foot long hollow cylinder, which acts like a pneumatic tube, also known as a paloma has been helpful in reaching supplies to the trapped miners. They have been supplied with self sterilizing clothes to help maintain hygiene and contain body odor.

The video below has some cool animation…

I’m really glad it’s Friday, I like watching Fridays come over from New Zealand.
Here it is rainy again. Last night I sat outside, smoked a cigar and looked at the stars. Saw the most incredible shooting star, traveled over half the sky. I was surprised it was raining this morning. I put the plants out in the rain, that should make it get sunny!
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  1. I'm fascinated by the Chilean miner situation.Those men amaze me. I would have lost my mind within 24 hours. Of course I could never be a miner in the first place.But still…..I hope they get them all out safely. :)Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂