Life Savers

I woke up this morning thinking about Life Savers. What ever happened to them? You can still find bags of Life Savers, individually wrapped in the candy aisle of the store, but those ain’t no good, REAL Life Savers come in a roll, like the pic, and you keep them up by the cash register, for important impulse buying!

I guess this is a company that has fallen into complacency, or been purchased by a larger company that doesn’t give a rats ass about the good ‘ol days.

As I recall, most common was the Five Flavor pack, with Coconut (Yuck) Lemon and Lime, (OK) Orange (Better than OK) and CHERRY! (The KING of Life Saver Flavors) I remember looking down the hole in the center to see how many I had to go before I got a cherry. If a friend wanted a Life Saver, they couldn’t have the Cherry unless it’s a girl you really really liked.

I also remember that on a rare occasion, you could find a store that had rolls of all one flavor, like your Peppermint and Spearmint, Wintergreen, Butterscotch (yuck) and GRAPE! Nothing is better than that Artificial Grape Flavor!

All my Aunts and my Grandmothers had Life Savers in their purses, and they’d make a roll last a week, instead of crunching up several packs a day like you were supposed to.

I remember the Fruit flavors would melt in your pocket and get sticky but the mint ones were good forever. That white chalky substance was impervious to everything but water. Thats why most of yer fruit flavors were best when stored in an old ladys purse.

So yeah, they’re still around, in those stupid bags, individually wrapped, but the real Life Savers, in the rolls, are not as common as they used to be.

I think everybody’s thought about it, and would like to go back in time, and know everything they know today. I know I sure would! When suddenly things pop into my brain that I re-remember, it makes me wonder how many things I’m NOT remembering. I know there are tons of memories I have that I cannot access, because there’s no reason. Like Life Savers when I was a kid, it was just in my brain when I woke up this morning.

4 thoughts on “Life Savers

  1. Cherry and grape are the best!And my new house is only about 10 minutes from the beach!

  2. I love Life Savers as well and why change a thing that is great. My favorite was also Red (cherry) although I don't like cherries as a fruit, LOL!

  3. As I never liked Life Savers I don't even look for them. In fact I don't think they are sold here in New Zealand anymore.

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