Not much today

I don’t have much to post about today. Yesterday afternoon the Wife and I went snorkeling. Above is a pic I took of myself.
Last night was a weird night, I couldn’t sleep but I was very tired. So I took a sleeping bag out on the back porch. Then I slept. I was having tons of strange dreams, none of which I can remember. I woke up and thought it was almost morning, but it was only 2AM, and I was freezing. So I went back into the house to bed.
Today is Discovery Day here. A Holiday. Columbus sighted Cayman on this day in 1503

7 thoughts on “Not much today

  1. I was going to say…it sounds like you have very salty soil, maybe? I don't know anything about the soil in the Caymans. At least, your Julie is doing alright. They are my second fav mango and stringless.

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