Last night was a huge lightning storm. Possibly the best I have ever seen. I was studying my Trigonometry. (I think I’m getting the hang of it, but every time I say that, I suffer a huge setback.) We lost power for about an hour and I kept on studying, using a kerosene lantern for light. My dog was scared! Poor lil fella!

It will be a busy day at work. I know the lightning did some damage, we lost a studio monitor at least. I didn’t go in last night because we stayed on the air. And I’m working late today, plus I have to be there at 6AM Saturday.

0 thoughts on “Lightning

  1. Funny, we had some lightening yesterday too. Nothing outrageous or anything but I don’t remember having many t-storms this summer. Kinda odd that now that it’s fall, we had one in the afternoon, one in the evening.

  2. There’s always something so charming and yet at the same time downright creepy about doing most things by lantern…my daughter absolutely hates lightening storms. The other night she woke up screaming because a cop car had pulled over an SUV at 2 in the morning and had it’s strobe light going…she mistook it for lightening! I, on the other hand, fell asleep whilst comforting her and dreamt I was at a high school dance.